The floating heaven

Ever since I had my first 'floating island' in a little restaurant tugged in a quiet alley 200 metres away from our hotel in Nice two years ago, it became one of my favourite dessert. Everything about this dessert hits the spot. The white fluffy and light meringue island was literally floating on a sea of beautifully sweet and nutty crème anglaise. A sprinkle of nuts gave her texture.

It made my usual indecisive dessert choice very easy during our girly Sunday lunch at Bluebird Restaurant when my floating heaven was on the menu. I scanned through the list of eight choices and took a second to decide. Nothing could change my mind at that moment. Well unless baked Alaska was on the menu.

Mark Block’s version of floating island with pink praline and pistachio. My floating heaven is still the one I had in France but this was good enough to bring me back to France.

What is more exciting is when I saw the Ile Flottante ‘Tropical’ post on my recent favourite blog, Zen Can Cook. It is like god is telling me something! I would make this recipe this weekend if I have my baking equipment but they are currently still in storage. Will definitely make it a point to make this recipe once I move in to the new flat and settle in.

Photo via ZenCanCook


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