World's longest canopy walk

What got me so excited that waking up at 6:45am on a Saturday morning was not a drag at all? It is the TREE TOP WALK!! It is located at Sungai Sedim (Sedim River) in Kedah, Malaysia. My sister was kind enough to take me there, our car equipped with the most important Garmin. From our experience and the many stories told, the GPS assisted for most of the trip but when you get there, surrounded by mostly trees and plants on a narrow road, always ask the locals. They are definitely the best old fashion GPS there is.

On the way to Sungai Sedim from Penang, driving through the Palm Estate

When we arrived at our destination, the first thing that drew my attention was definitely a group of teenagers by the river with their life jackets on, and the raft ready for their white water rafting adventure. That has been noted on my future to do list. For now, walking on the World's Longest Canopy Walk of 925m at Sungai Sedim is an adventure on its own. Imagine walking above the trees, looking down and not see the ground! It's pretty scary, not to mention the canopy walk itself vibrating when each step is made.

The teenagers deciding who should have a go at it first

This is what I mean about looking down on the trees

At the height we were at, I could spend hours sitting and looking down at the beautiful scenery.

View from the top

If you like nature, there is varied species of flora and fauna to be found. It is a great place to test your DSLR camera too. It was too bad that my bridge camera is at the service centre but my dad's compact camera did a pretty job.

The many different tree species with the most beautiful patterns on the bark, they look painted on

The picture below is fascinating. I've always been impressed by ants and having the opportunity to capture a closeup of the strongest animal carrying something as heavy as himself is absolutely unbelievable.

Was very careful of keeping the camera at a distance to avoid being bitten

The walk felt very short with the non stop nature attraction. When we got to the end of the walk, the trees seem so tall and big again.

The start and end of the walk

View of trees from the ground

This is definitely a great getaway from the city and busy weekday lives at work. A place for peace and zen; a place to be in touch with the greens and unpolluted air again.


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