Remembering the land of mountains and fjords

This time last year, I was busy travelling. This year sees a lack of that. I miss it so much, I have to write about it to trick myself into thinking that I just came back from the most beautiful country I have visited so far.  So let me briefly tell you about my first trip to a Scandinavian country last summer. I was in Stavanger, Norway to visit my lovely friend Linn, the talented artist. If everything goes to plan, I hope to visit her again soon but next time, there will be a gallery. Fingers crossed!!

Was greeted with this gorgeous scenery the day I arrive. Amazing Åmøy!

Okay, those amazing shots above is just a brief introduction to the country. That is the beautiful island of Åmøy, off Stavanger. It is a lovely island, with everything there is for a relaxing holiday; rocky mountains, sparkly blue sea, green fields and clear blue sky.

Some BBQ her family prepared. Have you noticed the view off the patio!?

I do envy the Norwegians for being blessed with the most wonderful nature, and freshest seafood!

The whitewashed houses in the old town

You must be wondering why I have not written anything about Stavanger, the town itself. Well, here it is. It's a lovely town with the port, fish market and whitewashed houses and cobblestone paths in the old town. There were stretches of cool cafes with great views. It's quite an arty town too, I would say. I've been to quite a few art cafes that were pretty cool. Maybe cause Linn's and artist so we tend to go to arty places. The Scandinavian homewares are so simple and elegant, I would go back to shop for pretty things for my new home (in the future), hopefully soon.

The playground outside the Petroleum Museum

The children seem to enjoy themselves playing here. It is also a very well expressed ground with some cool graffiti. The big round orange balls are great to sit or walk on, as some kids would do. I did a little of both *wink*.

Happy horses with new shoes

Another day with an extensive breakfast! What more would you ask for to start your day? It’s the perfect breakfast, out in the sun near the stables where we waited for the ‘horse pedicurist’. That is what I call her. It is quite a tough and tiring job changing shoes and filing the nails of a horse. And three horses consecutively! Although lucky her and us too, mama Linn made fresh chilled berry smoothies. The berries were from the garden!!

Eir and Stella

Eir, the adorable horse I’ve been helping groom during my stay. She is so greedy she would eat any visible grass along the way. And she's a farter too! Lol... Pooot pooot pooott!!! Haha.

A breathtaking view on top of the hill, just a short walk away. How lovely it is to grow up here. It'll be the perfect spot to get away to clear your mind.

The white building used to be the power plant

The art exhibition and outdoor library

Our short visit to Flørli, that got us almost stranded in at the fjord the next day. But we got back alright. The first sign of people living there was 9,000 B.C. Some time around 1700, they built a hydroelectric plant which is now turned into an art resident. There are 4,444 oldest wooden steps in the world that goes up along the pipelines. I made it to 1,000. Not bad for someone who has not been doing any forms of exercise other than walking. Probably the very delicious fish soup we had just before the hike, helped energise me.

The oldest wooden steps (total of 4,444)  I attempted climbing

The sweet prawns we bought before heading to Florli

Look at our late dinner!! That is more than a kilo of prawns, with some bread, lemon, mayo and a bottle of chilled Riesling we bought from town just before we got the ferry to the fjord. We were sat in the cabin peeling the prawns, chomping our way through with a great view. It was a very chilling night indeed.

The morning we were greeted with BREAKFAST in Florli! A proper breakfast with bread, cheese, egg, salami, ham, cucumber, tomato, jam, butter, orange juice n tea! When we were almost done feeling satisfied, the lady from the café brought us warm waffles!! Waffles with a combination of 5 hearts! Doesn’t that put a smile on you :)

One of my favourite shots; picking cherries

I miss Norway! Thanks to Linn and family, especially her mum for being such a great host, making my stay a wonderful and memorable one. xx


  1. I travelled in Norway last year, on a motorbike, and we stopped in Stavanger for three nights. I absolutely love Norway, the landscapes, the people and the food! Hope to go back soon!

  2. yes, it's beautiful and definitely a place to return to