Four hour sunday lunch at Viajante

What better way to spend a slow and relaxing Sunday afternoon lunching with the girls! Even better, we were at Viajante! The food and service were impeccable from start till finish. Nuno Mendes even came personally to present the food to us, with a humble smile. We all agreed that his messy yet artistic hair suits him very well. Aaa-aa-aa.. the creative vibe that completes with his brilliant art of food. His success is down to his passion, creativity in pairing ingredients and the eye for details, a perfectionist.

We had the three course lunch which is more than enough food for us, with the complimentary amuse bouche and yummy in-betweens. I  highly recommend it. You will see for yourself from the pictures below. I know you will be salivating after the first picture.  Enjoy!!

Nibbles ~ Thai explosion, Lobster croquette, Puffed amaranth with sorrel

Amuse bouche ~ Cured Arctic char with barley tea and radishes

Very light japanese inspired dish.

Bread & butter ~ Brown sugar bacon butter, Potato bread, Paprika brioche, Pork fat emulsion and pine nut 

We were happily spreading slabs of fat on the soft and fluffy bread :)

Starter ~ Yuzu crab with herbal broth and shimeji mushroom

A very beautiful and elegant starter. Flavours were well balanced.

Main ~ Roast beef skirt with girolles, turnips and yeast

Pre-dessert ~ Frozen marzipan with celery and lime

This is definitely a good palette cleanser. The component I liked most about this pre-dessert was the green granita that worked very well with the almond frozen marzipan. It was light and refreshing. Even the colour had a serene feel to it. It had a good ratio of the earthy, leafy yet distinctive smell and taste of celery, plus the slight sharp acidity of the lime. Might even try recreating a simplified version of this granita soon.

Dessert ~ Beetroot with dark chocolate and creme fraiche

This dessert is fantastic; the earthy beetroot and bitter sweet dark chocolate are made for each other, and the creme fraiche that comes in at the end gives it an extra finishing touch. Even the little green leaves and flower had their purpose of enhancing the dessert.

Petit fours ~ Mushroom chocolate truffle with coconut marshmallows

Who would think of adding mushroom in a chocolate truffle? Yet again, we still get confused with truffle the fungus and truffle the chocolate. Maybe that is the irony of it all.

We left the restaurant, full and satisfied. Who cares about the waistline. Eat and worry later.


Town Hall Hotel
Patriot Square, Bethnal Green
London, E2 9NF

Tel + 44 (0) 20 7871 0461

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  1. I love four hour lunches, especially this four hour lunch! It's gorgeous! Next time I'm in London I'm there! Is this like a special I'm going to treat myself place because I wont' be able to afford dinner tonight or a casual Sunday lunch with friends and still be able to have dinner tonight?

  2. Lunch is very affordable at £28 for 3 course with such amazing food. I highly recommend it. Go there for late lunch, you'll be stuffed by the end of it and a tiny salad will do for dinner.