East to west on second attempt

It was suppose to be a lazy weekend of doing nothing. But my dear friend wanted some kaya for the amazing weather of sitting out in the park, eating and chatting. So the mission was to get the ingredients. Off I went, geared in sunnies and my new leather sling bag, not forgetting my camera. When the weather is as good, most photos turn out looking amazing, same as everyone else's mood. Everyone seems happy and friendly, smiling and saying hello. If only people do that everyday.

Graffiti on a shutter

Walking in the East End has never been dull! The once plain walls and shutters made exciting with the very artistic talent of colours and lines, shops made interesting with installations behind the glass windows, and the fashion sense of the care-free and eccentric. None of these spell D-U-L-L!!

Installation of dried flowers behind the glass window with reflection of the red London bus

Inside a shop; graffiti on shutter

When I arrive at the oriental shop down the road for the ingredients, they were out of pandan leaves which are essential to make kaya fragrant. So instead of the initial quick ingredient shopping trip, I had to take 2 buses to Chinatown. I ended up coming home with the kaya ingredients and a bag of summer clothes that were on sale!! Girls can never say no to sales :p

By the time I got home, it was pretty late and my stomach was growling. For those of you who know, I am not a happy person when hungry. So kaya making came after dinner. Guess what!! I forgot eggs!! ARRrggghh… It was almost 10pm and Tesco was about to close.. What’s worse, when I got there, it was 9:58pm and they won’t let me in even with the ‘all I need is eggs and I’ll die of hunger without eggs’ look. The puppy dog eyes did not work either. Lucky, there’s an off license shop opposite. Phew..

A sneak peak of the second attempt. More on the next post :)


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