Dear all

Dear all,

Welcome to my new blog. If you haven't already read the introduction page, I am set out on a kaya making challenge. The mission is to try out different recipes to find the best there is. Throughout the whole process, my fellow mates who are ever so courageous will be my guinea pigs. Their job is to tell me that the kaya or coconut jam tastes aweful. The harsher they are, the better. Of course, I hope to get 5 star review one day. Before that day comes, there will be lots of hard work ahead.

When the ultimate kaya is finally created one fine day, that is when kaya will take over marmalade inLondon!!
"Marmalade on toast, my dear?" "Can I have kaya and butter on toast instead, mum."

Hope you enjoy reading and do feel free to drop in some comments or questions.

With love,

Miss P.   xxx


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